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Order "Learning To Choose" Written By Our Co-Founder To Inspire Others Through His Story

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Like many people, Evan Snow was just a regular guy, going about his life working a 9 to 5 desk job as a recruiter. At some point around the entrepreneurial awakening in 2014, he serendipitously began obtaining inspiration in the form of TED Talks and motivational speeches creating a desire to do more with his life. Once he received a spark in the form of some key "ah-ha moments", Snow decided to step outside his comfort zone, making many pivotal choices along the way to find his hidden potential. Learning To Choose highlights 7 of these choices and the learning lessons that followed on his path to arts advocacy, community building, and creative entrepreneurship. The goal with sharing the stories within this book is to help inspire others to change their life, their community, and maybe even the world as a result of discovering the higher calling buried within all of us.

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