How it all started with a hashtag... #Choose954


In his late 20's Broward Native Evan Snow found himself becoming increasingly passionate about pursuing his passions of patronizing the arts & culture community. Often having to travel to Miami, West Palm, Austin or Nashville for experiences seeming to be found in every other major city but lacking in his hometown for the majority of his life, Snow wanted to show the people he grew up with in Coral Springs all the new cool things going on within the arts in Downtown Fort Lauderdale's burgeoning arts district (Flager Village, encompassing FAT Village & MASS District). By visually storytelling and sharing these often considered "underground experiences", Snow gave his community reasons to "Choose The 954" if they KNEW all of the cool things were going on throughout the County.

Trying to get people to care about things like arts & culture in a place once considered a "cultural wasteland" by many (not my term) was inherently going to be an uphill battle. Especially to get people to care about contributing money to support the growth of the arts at the grassroots level. Fortunately in the beginning of this journey, Snow met his future business partner Mr. Andrew Martineau at the Tower Club and they quickly bonded over their altruistic visions. Martineau had two decades of Advertising, Marketing, Community, and Arts experience to compliment his Creative Altruist mindset which has served as the catalyst for our future initiatives. 

This all lead from a social movement beginning with a simple hashtag in Noblemen's Cut & Shave before the last Saturday night of the month artwalk in 2016 - to a media & marketing platform managed by our agency (The UniteUs Group) who subsequently have served as the behind the scenes for major initiatives within the arts locally including the creation & production of Art Fort Lauderdale - "The Art Fair On The Water", Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week, Zero Empty Spaces, The FemAle Brewfest, AAF CreativeZen, The 1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Project, The Backpack Barber Foundation, amongst others.