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Choose954 Podcast Season 2 Episode 1 With Broward Native Author Micah Dawanyi Hosted By Nile Fortner


Former soccer athlete turned author, Micah Dawanyi, has used his writing and public speaking skills to make a book on his personal memoirs to bring awareness to racial injustice, colorism, discrimination, and culture within the African-American and Black community. 

Dawanyi's book, 'Step Into My Shoes: Memoirs of From the Other Side of America', has connected and reached locals and as far as Japan. 

On Season 2 Episode 1 of the Choose954 Podcast, Micah Dawanyi discusses with Nile Fortner how he produced the 77-page book, a possible series, being featured on WLRN and Sun-Sentinel, his personal experiences, and a lot more on Season 2 Episode 1 of the Choose954 Podcast. www.choose954.com

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