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WHO: Carlos Suarez

CITY: Fort Lauderdale

QUOTE: “Fort Lauderdale is good to me. Seaglass is my give back”

Photo courtesy Carlos Suarez
Photo courtesy Carlos Suarez

“I have always been a storyteller. It is part of my Cuban roots. Through Venice Magazine, the regional magazine that I founded, I tell the story of Fort Lauderdale’s growth, its places, its food, its parties, its fashion and mostly its people.

I’ve worked for the Miami News, the Sun-Sentinel and Ocean Drive Magazine. During my 12 years at Ocean Drive, I learned a lot about upscale lifestyle.

Our readers understand and appreciate quality and we cater to that mindset. It is also no secret that I can throw a really good party so I have stretched that skill to create Seaglass.

Remember seeing the white party tent and the pink palm trees in front of the Hilton Hotel? Minus the pink palms, Seaglass is coming back on January 21-23, 2022, although on the evening of January 22, Moss Construction employees will have Seaglass all to themselves. The weather is usually perfect around that time of year but you never know so I do get just a little terrified when i think about it.

The idea for Seaglass started here: I was a cancer survivor and I got through it. During my recovery, I imagined what it would be like to have a beautiful beach party. The people would be dressed up, it would have a lot of pink and I could see in my mind ‘s eye how it would look, who would participate and even who would sponsor it. I even created a mood board about it. The pink signature color stuck with me after back in 1983 I saw the Cristo’s surrounded islands in Biscayne Bay. Of course the pink color of Rosé wine matches the theme. As a boy, I loved to collect sea glass and now that pleasure has taken on a deeper meaning.

My vision came true. Auto Nation and Hilton are my dream partners in my dream backdrop; the beach across A1A from the Hilton.

I am creating my own history with Seaglass. I have always questioned why there aren't more events on the beach. In my vision was this signature event, a cool thing that people would want to travel here for. I visualized the guests drinking wine, listening to live music and eating great food right on the sand. I knew from my years of experience in the newspaper and magazine business that It would take time to create a memorable brand. This year there are a lot more billboards and advertising about the event plus editorials in different areas of the country.

The event will also feature cuisine by local celebrity chefs, live music and cooking demonstrations. The main tent will house chef stations and tastings.

This year’s Rosé lineup from around the world includes Wölffer Estate Rosé, Fleur De Mer Rosé, Bottega Rosé and J Vineyards Brut Rosé, to name a few.

Participating chefs are Dean Max, José Mendín, Paula Dasilva, Nicole Rhone, Steve Martorano, Taek Lee and Miami’s very own, WSVN anchor Belkys Nerey. We are offering different packages from $99 general admission to private cabanas with butler service for ten people for $5000

Proceeds from each Seaglass event go towards cancer research via AutoNation’s DRV PNK initiative.

Seaglass organizers will be paying special attention to being environmentally conscious by using only sustainable products to mitigate the impact the event will have on the beach.

One of the biggest compliments came from Andreas Ioannou at the Hilton. He told me that they loved the idea when it was first presented to them but our team made it happen and they were impressed with our follow through. That is the key to making any idea successful.

Every time we do Seaglass, people will become more familiar with it. I really can’t imagine a late January three day beach party in a better location. We are hoping that people start making Fort Lauderdale and Seaglass their destination vacation.


“I am Anita Mitchell and I collect people stories, much the same way people collect shoes or baseball cards or Lladro porcelain figurines. During my 26 years at WSVN7, I had the front-row seat to people stories and it was there I learned about the extraordinariness of the ordinary.

Since retiring from television news, I serve on the Board of Directors of Different Brains, a charitable foundation that supports neurodiverse adults. I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Broward County Sports Hall of Fame. We honor local residents who have set unique standards of excellence through sports.

Since 2004, I have swum competitively with our local Swim Fort Lauderdale Masters Swim Team (SFTL).

I don’t really know how the writing and the swimming and the neurodiverse and honoring local sports figures are connected but I know in my heart that they are.



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